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Cutest Puppy
Fox Terrier

Fox Terrier

Height: 14-15.5 inches

Weight: 15-19 lbs.

Life Span: 12-14 yrs.

Breed Group: Terriers

The popular fox terrier is lively and fun-loving, gets along with respectful children over about five years old, and can live in the city or the country. Other animals can be a problem. For instance, fox terriers may chase cats that are not family members.

Obedience training and socialization must begin early. Fox terriers can be distracted easily when excited by other animals or peripheral events, so firm and consistent handling is required.

Without training, they may also develop some behavioral problems, such as excessive barking, hole digging, or possessiveness with their toys or food bowls. Aggressive games, such as tug-of-war, should not be played with these dogs.

The fox terrier has a flat, narrow head and a long muzzle that slopes to a black nose.

There are two different coats, the smooth and the wirehaired. The smooth coat is short and flat-lying. The wirehaired coat is moderately long and has a dense, wiry texture; the hairs twist together, making it difficult to part them in order to see the skin.

Fox terriers are white with black or black and tan markings. Wirehaired puppies are black and white or all white at birth; the black on the face and some of the markings on the shoulders, hips, and tail will turn tan.

Grooming & Exercise Needs
The wirehaired should be brushed and combed twice a week and clipped or stripped (removing old hair by hand) to preserve the texture and luster of the coat every three months. The smooth needs only a short brushing once a week.

Fox terriers are extremely energetic and need daily exercise--long, vigorous walks and/or ball playing--as well as human interaction.

The fox terrier, both the smooth and wirehaired, was developed in England in the 18th century for "bolting," or driving out, foxes from their dens. These fearless hunters would dig, crawl, and squirm their way into a fox hole and attack unrelentingly until the fox bolted.

Breed-related health concerns: deafness, Legg-Perthes disease, mast cell tumors.


Reference: AKC - American Kennel Club


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