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Cutest Puppy
Irish Water Spaniel

Irish Water Spaniel

Height: 21-24 inches

Weight: 45-65 lbs.

Life Span: 10-12 yrs.

Breed Group: Sporting Dogs

Irish water spaniels can be good family dogs if socialized with people and other animals at an early age, though some attach themselves to just one person.

While these dogs can be clownish around their families, some are aloof or unsociable with strangers and can be quite intimidating and protective of their property.

They also can be aggressive with other dogs and do better with gentle children over five years of age. Consistent leadership and obedience training are necessary, as these dogs can be assertive, stubborn, and independent.

Irish water spaniels love to have a task, such as retrieving objects from the water. They are not ideally suited for city or apartment life.

The Irish water spaniel's liver-colored, water-repellent coat is short, thick, crisply curled, and harsh to the touch; it is longer on the legs and underside of the tail.

This breed is distinguished by a topknot of long, loose curls, a smooth face, and a smooth "rat" tail.

Grooming & Exercise Needs
The Irish water spaniel needs to be brushed two to three times a week and clipped every three months. This strong dog needs long, brisk walks and runs in a secured area daily and the opportunity to swim whenever possible.

There is some controversy about the origins of the Irish water spaniel. Some claim that 7th- or 8th-century skeletal remains found in Ireland are those of Irish water spaniels.

Regardless of its history, the breed is certainly well suited to retrieving from the icy winter waters of Ireland.

Special Alerts
The Irish water spaniel is not suitable for inexperienced dog owners.


Reference: AKC - American Kennel Club


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